6 PDF tools to digitally transform financial companies

Get ahead of the game with the latest document management technology

Sep 29, 2020

It's almost 2021 and the fintech boom can be seen everywhere. From mobile payment apps such as Paypal, to blockchain and cryptocurrency, financial technology is revolutionizing the way we manage our money. Large corporations are competing with fintech startups who are disrupting the traditional banking sector with innovative ways for clients to perform financial operations.

But it doesn't stop there. Fast-moving firms rolling on this new wave in banking are also investing in internal digital transformations to speed up processes and streamline workflows in the office, and for remote working.

COVID-19 kick-starts digital transformation

COVID-19 has been a driving force behind digital transformation in recent months. Key findings by Spiceworks revealed that 44% of businesses in 2020 already or plan to increase tech spending to accelerate digital transformation, influencing a third of budget increases for 2021.

With the rapid shift to remote working life, the same study found that 32% of companies want to equip employees with "standardized, secure, and easy-to-use" tools to help them adapt to their new work-from-home environment.

How to reshape your firm? Start from within

Adopting internal digital transformation strategies is key for business growth and continuity in the financial services industry. How many invoices, contracts, and forms do you deal with on a daily basis?

Even in today's modern world, too many finance professionals waste hours on inefficient document handling. Having the right technology will improve document management, allowing teams to focus on more complex financial matters and serve client's needs.

6 PDF tools for financial document management

As Portable Document Format is the industry standard, PDF tools play a key role in improving internal workflows. Looking to shift your firm towards more seamless document processes? Then it's time to steer away from paper-based financial practices and become familiar with the latest PDF tools:

  1. Text Recognition: Digitize paper-based documents such as invoices and forms using powerful Optical Character Recognition software. Scan pages and convert them to editable text versions.
  2. Data extraction: Use an online PDF to Office Converter to extract data from financial records in PDF form, and analyze findings in Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Long term document preservation: Meet regulations by transforming PDF documents into PDF/A format for the long term archiving of financial data.
  4. Form-filling: Easily mark up and fill out banking forms online quickly using a reliable Edit PDF tool.
  5. e-Signing: Digitally sign financial documents online with a trusted legally-binding electronic signature application- no printing required.
  6. Data protection: Protect PDF documents by encrypting them with unbreakable passwords to prevent unauthorized access of sensitive data.

Edit and scan financial documents from your mobile

Payment apps aren't the only developments impacting the mobile app industry. Apps designed to help you complete tasks on the run and be more organized are dominating people's smartphones.

At present, Productivity is the 10th most popular App Store category. iLovePDF's Mobile App for iOS provides you with all the PDF tools you need to be more productive on the go, including:

  • Mobile Scanner: Snap a photo of any document and save it instantly as a PDF file, ready for sharing.
  • OCR technology: Convert scanned text or images into PDF format directly from your mobile using OCR.
  • PDF Editor and Reader: Annotate and highlight text from PDF files in just a few taps. Edit documents with hand-drawn comments, text and images.
  • Form filler and Signer: Fill and sign documents electronically with your hand-drawn signature and send forms off instantly in PDF format.
Scan and detect text from PDF on smartphone

Scared of going digital? Keep things simple

You don't need to be a tech person to use tech. Implementing new tech innovations into your firm's working environment might sound like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. iLovePDF's document editing tools have been carefully designed to be simple, quick and easy to use.

With user-friendly interfaces and straightforward navigation tools, handling PDF files has never been simpler.

Work smart with iLovePDF for business

Be it in the office or working remotely, future tech in the workplace will reduce the administrative burden, increase efficiency and ultimately drive top line revenue growth. If you're looking for a fast, digital alternative to paper-based document handling, iLovePDF is your one-stop document management solution.

The iLovePDF Business version has been carefully designed with corporate needs in mind. Its powerful features and batch-processing options help teams to improve document processes and drive efficiency across departments.

Are you ready to go completely digital? To find out more, or request a free business trial, please get in touch.

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