Introducing the iLovePDF e-Signature API

Everything you need to know to seamlessly integrate e-signatures into your application with iLoveAPI

May 11, 2022
Integrate iLovePDF eSignature API into your application

If you are searching for a robust e-Signature REST API to integrate into your workflows, iLovePDF has the solution for you! Scroll down for more information.

To meet the ever-evolving needs of companies, iLovePDF has launched a robust e-Signature API that developers can easily integrate into their website or program. Integrating e-signatures directly into your app automates workflows, helping teams and customers save time, hassle, and document management.

If you landed on this page as a software developer, you might be asking questions such as, What does the iLovePDF e-Signature API offer? and, How can I integrate the e-signatures into my workflows?

To find out more about the iLovePDF e-signature API and why it could be the perfect fit for your workflows, read these Frequently Asked Questions & Answers below:

iLovePDF e-Signature API: FAQs

How can my company benefit from an e-Signature integration?

If you have a product or service that requires customers to fill and sign documents frequently, the most efficient way is with an automated e-signature solution. You can use iLovePDF’s simple API calls to digitally sign documents and collect signatures from clients, then download and securely archive the documents.

Automating workflows with an e-Signature API speeds up the signing process by removing the effort of manually preparing and distributing paper-based contracts for signature.

Which e-signature standards does iLovePDF comply with?

The iLovePDF eSignature API allows clients to sign contracts using Advanced Electronic Signatures. All the signed documents contain a Digital Signature certificate to show compliance with the industry-specific European Union standard called eIDAS (EU No.910/2014) as well as the United States standards, ESIGN and UETA.

This ensures that your agreements are fully compliant and legally valid across the world. Each signed document also includes an audit trail that provides a detailed log of every step in the signature process.

How can I integrate the iLovePDF e-Signature API into my application?

With iLovePDF’s developer-friendly API documentation and SDKs, integration is fast, easy, and intuitive. You can set up the iLovePDF Signature API in no time!

To get started with the iLovePDF e-Signature API, simply head over to iLoveAPI and create an account. Once you are registered as a Developer, you can access your private key and use the API Reference and SDKs to integrate with ease.

For which programming languages does iLovePDF offer SDKs?

iLovePDF offers SDKs for Ruby, PHP, Node.js, .NET. as well as Postman examples available to you in Github. To start, simply navigate to iLoveAPI’s API reference where you will find access to the different libraries.

Can I customize the document signature invites?

You can send role-based document requests to participants involved in your transactions. Whether it is to a Signer, Validator, or Witness, each participant can receive a personalized email inviting them to carry out their role on the document.

In addition, you can create fillable documents by adding text fields. In this way, not only can your customers add their signature to the PDF document but also include their full name, date, initials and any other information that you require.

Is it possible to track the status of the documents?

To help you stay informed, iLovePDF’s e-Signature API offers the ability to track your API calls and events from a dedicated dashboard. You can also integrate webhooks to receive process notifications in real-time.

Where are the documents stored? 

All your documents are stored with maximum security within iLovePDF’s dedicated servers in Europe that comply with GDPR standards. iLovePDF guarantees 100% secure document archiving using 256-bit AES encryption, allowing you to build secure e-Signature workflows.

Can I combine e-signatures with the rest of iLovePDF’s Document Management API suite?

Yes, iLovePDF provides the building blocks to mix and match with other PDF tools to create your own customized solution. This allows you to do things like upload a document, merge pages in a contract, then sign the document in one simplified workflow.

Can I test the iLovePDF e-Signature API for free?

iLovePDF offers flexible, tiered pricing adaptable for all business sizes and needs. Find the perfect plan for your company by checking out iLovePDF’s API Pricing Page. If you would like to try out the Developer platform first to see if it’s the right fit for your company, contact iLoveAPI.

Get started with iLovePDF e-Signature API

No matter the industry or business size, iLovePDF’s e-Signature API offers the ability to build your own all-in-one solution for a seamless document signing experience for your customers.

Ready to integrate with iLovePDF e-Signature API? Simply create your account as a Developer to start coding with ease.

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