How to scan multiple pages into one PDF

Go digital by scanning paper documents into PDF with your mobile

Oct 24, 2022
How to scan multiple pages into PDF

Wondering how to scan a document with a mobile? Free mobile scanners are here to make document management effortless. In today's digitized world, having the ability to scan documents and convert them into PDFs can be extremely useful.

Perhaps you need to send a signed contract to someone electronically but don't have access to a scanner, or maybe you want to create a digital backup of important physical documents. Whatever the reason, scanning to PDF using a phone is easy with digital tools. 

The days of heavy and expensive document scanners are over, and the future of using your phone as a productive tool have already begun. Pull out your smartphone to save time, money, space, and valuable resources. Keep reading and find out how to scan documents into PDF files in 5 simple steps

How to scan documents to your computer with a mobile

Need a desktop scanner? If you work mainly from your computer it's useful to scan pages directly to your desktop. Here are the steps to scan documents with an iPhone or Android device and save them straight to your computer:

  1. Go to the Scan to PDF tool with your computer.
  2. Open your smartphone’s camera and scan the QR code on your computer screen.
  3. Follow the link to our Mobile app (you will be asked to download it if you haven’t already).
  4. Position your document and scan the page with your mobile, adding more pages if required.
  5. Choose your scan options and click Save to PDF to download the scanned document to your computer.
How to scan pages into PDF

Scan to PDF using only your phone  

For a truly portable document scanner, why not try scanning documents using only your portable device? If you don’t urgently need the document on your computer or just want to work on the move—scan on iPhone and Android devices by going straight to the iLovePDF Mobile app. Use the Mobile app to scan, save, and edit your physical documents on the go, on the same device. 

How to scan with iPhone and Android devices:

  1. Open the iLovePDF Mobile app.
  2. Go to the Scanner.
  3. Tap the red start scanning button. 
  4. Position your document and scan the page, adding more pages if required.
  5. Choose your scan options and tap finish or save to download your scanned document as a PDF directly to your mobile device.

What can I do after scanning?

Now you know that with just a few simple steps you can quickly scan any physical document and save it as a PDF. So next time you need to digitize a paper document, don't reach for a scanner—reach for your phone instead!

The advantages of PDF tools don’t stop at scanning. Convert your documents into PDF to unlock the productivity power that comes with over 20 more tools; all designed with solutions in mind.

The tools are ideal for anyone who uses PDFs; from students trying to annotate academic work to professionals searching for a trustworthy eSignature service.

Here’s what else you can do with a scanned PDF:

Organize PDFs 

Merge, Split and Organize PDFs to make your documents work better for you by removing, adding, and reorganizing PDF pages. 

Optimize PDFs 

Compress and Repair PDFs to optimize the file size by making PDFs smaller, and regaining any lost access from faulty files. 

Convert PDFs 

Convert to and from PDF with several format types. You can convert between PDF and Word, PowerPoint, and Excel—as well as converting images with JPG to PDF converters. 

Edit PDFs 

Edit PDFs by adding text, hand-written notes, images, page numbers, and watermarks. Perfect for filling in PDFs.

Sign PDFs 

Securely sign documents with digital signatures that are legally binding with Sign PDF. Sign documents yourself or send sign requests to multiple people with this eSign tool.

Protect PDFs 

Add passwords to your PDF files to keep your documents and important information safe with Protect PDF

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Safe in our hands

iLovePDF takes security very seriously. Remember that...
  • No matter which tool you are using, we use end-to-end encryption to ensure the highest protection against theft or interception of your documents.
  • Any document uploaded to our system is automatically deleted after 2 hours to prevent any unauthorized third-party access.
  • All our servers are secured under European legislation, one of the most restrictive in the world.