Some facts about iLovePDF

Based in Barcelona since 2010, iLovePDF offers simple and easy-to-use tools to get the job done.

Our site provides users with a free toolkit to make a wide range of edits to PDF files. What began as a website to merge and split PDFs; today, we offer more than 20 tools to organize, optimize, edit, convert and secure PDFs.

iLovePDF has built a community of millions of users from all over the world, speaks 25 languages and has processed more than 500 million files.

In 2017, we launched our iLovePDF Mobile App to make our tools accessible for all mobile users editing on the go.

In efforts to make iLovePDF suitable for Businesses and Corporations, we launched iLovePDF Desktop application in 2018. Our desktop application runs offline and processes confidential files locally.

In 2018, we also redesigned our website. Users can fully enjoy easier workfow, increased task limits, more tools and and extended Premium service that includes our Desktop version.

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