Our features

Some good reasons to join us

We are very easy to use

Not so computer-savvy? No problem. Even if it’s your first time using iLovePDF, we made it extremely simple. Our interface is user friendly. Our tools know how to do their job. So you shouldn’t encounter any setbacks.

We speak your language

It doesn't matter where you come from. We will definitely understand each other. iLovePDF is available in 25 languages, you can choose yours on the menu.

We love ease of use
Every file is important to us

Your files matter to us

Every document that you process is important to us. We offer you the best quality possible and, when it comes to compression, the smallest file size without affecting the quality.

Your security is our concern

Your security is our main concern

You can be sure that you and your PDFs will be safe with us. Only you will have access to your processed documents. We just keep your files in our servers up to 2 hours to give you enough time to download them.

We'll help you save time and effort

We help you save your precious time

You can batch edit your files instead of painfully dealing with one at a time. Your files are processed at high speed. So, it will be all very fast with us. Well, as long as you have a proper Internet connection.

Freedom to manage your files

Arrange them alphabetically or in inverse alphabetical order. Forgot one? You can add more, remove some of them, or rotate them after uploading. Because dealing with files can be messy sometimes.

Freedom to choose your platform


We are integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. This allows you to take your files from the cloud and, once processed, save them back to your cloud storage accounts.


Because business doesn’t stop while you are on the go, you can edit and convert your PDFs on your smartphone with iLovePDF Mobile App. Available for iOS and Android.


Compress, merge, split, convert and edit your PDF files offline for maximum privacy with iLovePDF Desktop. Process your files directly on your computer and speed up editing performance.

Save mobile data working straight to the cloud
You can build up your own team!

You can even create your own team!

Premium features include managing your own team to share default actions. Adding a watermark with your corporate logo or setting a page number format are just a couple of ideas.

Because you keep us going

For every PDF challenge you might have, we will do everything in our hands to come up with the best solution. You showed us that all PDF problems can be solved.

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