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Boosting productivity in education

iLovePDF Education version boosts academic productivity by addressing the unique needs of students, teachers and education professionals, driving document efficiency across the entire institution. Register now and enjoy a full year on us.

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Simplifying document workflow for students & faculty

iLovePDF breaks down barriers to file management, making it effortless to modify and optimize documents

Increase productivity
Increase productivity

As efficiency is crucial on the road to success, iLovePDF brings powerful tools for teachers and students alike.

Keep your projects safe

Your data matters to us. iLovePDF is built with security, compliance and privacy in mind.

Make your student life easy

Keep your schoolwork in order like never before. Stay on top of your assignments in a seamless way.


Powerful features to help you stay on top of your work

Our tools enhance learning & speed up educational chores

  • Access everywhere

    Edit and organize your documents on every device you own, on your smartphone, and on the web.

  • Stay organized

    Get rid of clutter in your smartphone. Organize your documents in the Library Manager.

  • Turn data into information

    Extract information from scanned documents with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

  • Mark what matters

    Mark up PDFs with arrows, shapes, and comments to highlight key details with our Mobile App.

  • Jump hurdles

    Break down barriers to file management. Modify and optimize documents from one place.

  • Achieve more

    Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox means that you can work directly from the Cloud.

For Students & Teachers

Upgrade your academic performance. Join our Student Program and enjoy a year of Premium features for free.

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For Institutions

Get a Full Education License and bring iLovePDF to your school.

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