Transform your HR department with these apps

Prepare HR teams for hybrid work with tools for document processes

Mar 24, 2022
Digitally transform HR teams with these apps

Discover how iLovePDF’s document management and eSign tools can empower HR teams in the hybrid working environment. 

Today’s modern HR department isn’t an office filled with printers and filing cabinets containing paper contracts, forms, and curriculums. Many HR teams don’t even have a physical office. Other companies have opted for a hybrid working model where employees have the flexibility to work partly in the office and partly remotely.

Hybrid work is the number 1 trend driving transformation in human resources departments in 2022, according to Gartner’s global survey. Part of this transformation is the adoption of new technologies that optimize the hiring process and improve the employee experience.

How can HR departments support hybrid work?

Redesigning your human resources department to support the hybrid workforce requires a reliable HR management system that allows you to recruit, onboard, take feedback, and retain workers from anywhere. That’s where digital HR tools come in. 

Empower teams with HR tools

From HR management software such as Freshworks to virtual team building experience platforms like Confetti, there are loads of apps available to help empower HR teams and drive company success. 

If you are a HR manager looking for more apps to optimize your workflows, the next ones to add to your list are iLovePDF’s document management, data protection, and eSign tools. 

How does iLovePDF help HR professionals? 

There are many different types of documents that need distributing, reviewing and signing daily in the HR department. However, with the new hybrid working model, dealing with paper-based documents is no longer sustainable for human resources.

To help HR professionals adapt to the hybrid model, iLovePDF offers useful HR tools to digitize paper document workflows, automate the work cycle and improve the employee journey. Here are some examples:

1. Prepare HR documents with PDF tools

The organization of HR documents and forms can be time-consuming but with reliable PDF tools, the job is much easier. A large part of human resource management can involve the preparation of employment contracts, employee handbooks, and onboarding materials for new hires.

These document tasks can be completed faster and away from the office using these precise PDF tools available in iLovePDF: 

  • Merge PDF tool. Use this tool to compile company information from separate pages into one single PDF file to send electronically to employees. It eliminates the need to print out the separate documents to then scan the pages together. You can also use the merge tool to gather resumes into one PDF file to review them easily on your computer or mobile device.
  • PDF to Word tool. PDF to Office converters such as the PDF to Word tool allow you to reuse HR documents from previous recruitment processes saved as PDFs. The tool converts the PDF files back to their original editable text format.
  • Edit PDF tool. When checking through curriculums and cover letters, HR professionals may need to add notes to specific candidate profiles. To streamline the hiring process, you can use a reliable PDF Editor to add comments and annotations directly to PDF documents and share feedback with your HR colleagues.

2. Optimize HR Processes with e-Signatures

The HR transformation journey isn’t complete without a trusted electronic signature software solution. Onboarding and offboarding workers requires documents to be signed. 

Documents that need signing in the recruitment process typically start with offer letters, NDAs, employment contracts, and employee data protection forms, but it doesn’t end there. Performance reviews and candidate evaluation forms are likely to need signing later on in the employee lifecycle, as well as other job specific documents like the weekly timesheet. 

Signing an NDA or other HR forms can be done remotely in a paperless way using the eSign tool. Electronic signature software such as iLovePDF Signature allow new hires and collaborators to sign documents using legally binding digital signatures on any device from their remote work destination.

This tool offers other features such as the ability for the hiring manager to track every sent document for signature in real time. In this way, they can check which employees have completed the forms and send email reminders to those who haven’t.

3. Protect employee data with document security

Protecting employee privacy and confidentiality needs to be a top priority in HR workflows to ensure that sensitive information about candidates and employees isn’t misplaced or mishandled. 

With employee forms being circulated via email in the hybrid work environment, HR managers must have a solid document security management system in place. To help practice stronger document security and comply with GDPR, iLovePDF offers these secure document archiving and data protection tools:

  • Protect PDF tool. Add a strong password to PDF documents using this tool to strengthen the security before sending them electronically.
  • PDF to PDF/A tool. Convert important digital human resources to the ISO-standardized format to ensure that the contents can be read with any program or device in the future. 

Equip HR teams for the future of work

The hybrid working model has shown to bring benefits to both companies and employees such as boosting productivity levels and improving well-being. Modern human resources departments are transforming to support this shift with the help of digital technologies. 

If you are a human resources manager seeking to empower your workforce, iLovePDF offers multiple solutions that can be easily implemented into your HR workflows.

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